Captin Mandarin

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

UNI UNI UNI UNIa ah ah ah... do ya do ya do ya

Ok sorry about the title but i am excited about today cause i went to university yay i am now a student.... can anyone lend me 5 squid cause i seem to be broke all the sudden lol.... anywho.
I got there late cause i was waiting for the lift to arrive (side not lifts in MTC are rubbish) so i got in and andy and my other 8 class mates 5 men (1 Canadian, 1 Italian, 1 Spanish and me and andy) and 4 Ladies (1 yank, 2 koreans, 1 Japanese).
Wo de Laoshi shi jiao Miss Lin, i said duibuqi yinwei i was late and she was ok with it, they had not started yet.
We went over how to pronounce pinyin letters, it is a little basic but you have to start somewhere.
Anyway got to do 2 hrs of homework a day so gota get on top of those characters buh.
I will update more tomorrow cause we may move on from the basics.


Anonymous said...

Arrrgggghhhhhh!!!! Students!
Happy to know that your first day back at school went well. Be sure to keep us up-to-date with regular mid-term reports. Have you met any local brothers yet? You're not missing much back home, just snow! What's the weather like there? Keep safe!

Anonymous said...

I would ask who was the author, andy or steve but obviously its steve! Sounds like a hard job already!Me and karli have recently started learning sign language so theres some comraderie for you!