Captin Mandarin

Monday, 14 January 2008


Hey andys visa came back yesterday and mine has arrived at home today. YAY.

I have almost finished work in liverpool i have tomorrow to go.

What i am going to do is write in a notebook when i arive in london heathrow and stop when i reach taipei. In the notebook i am going to comment on all the things that have happened, the good, the bad and the not so uggly:)

P.S i have found another pic of the plane we will be on (i will take some pics of my own).


Everything done

Both I and Andy have sent our visas, i have applied for international Driving Licence and Jabs are all done:)
So thats it huh i guess just wait to go.
This Blog is going to be packed full of our adventures and pics YAY.
Will update when we get our Visas and passports back.