Captin Mandarin

Friday, 14 March 2008

Daily life in a week

Hey everyone here is some more pics of what we have to go through here in taipei.
1st thing is to look at the MRT map and work out which stop we have to get off at (here is where we are "at the far end of the green bit..... and our uni is up near the top of the green bit")
Then its onto the tube and get ogled at lol. Us waiguoren!
Then off for about 10 mins walk and into the uni gates.
Then get into class and then after do some studying in the listening room:)
Then off to the Tee House for some good food with my 2 American friends, Brittney and Kenan.
More pics later.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

UNI UNI UNI UNIa ah ah ah... do ya do ya do ya

Ok sorry about the title but i am excited about today cause i went to university yay i am now a student.... can anyone lend me 5 squid cause i seem to be broke all the sudden lol.... anywho.
I got there late cause i was waiting for the lift to arrive (side not lifts in MTC are rubbish) so i got in and andy and my other 8 class mates 5 men (1 Canadian, 1 Italian, 1 Spanish and me and andy) and 4 Ladies (1 yank, 2 koreans, 1 Japanese).
Wo de Laoshi shi jiao Miss Lin, i said duibuqi yinwei i was late and she was ok with it, they had not started yet.
We went over how to pronounce pinyin letters, it is a little basic but you have to start somewhere.
Anyway got to do 2 hrs of homework a day so gota get on top of those characters buh.
I will update more tomorrow cause we may move on from the basics.