Captin Mandarin

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Pics everyone Pics

Hey people this is a few pics of where we are living now. The top pic is of Andy ontop of our apartment looking down with disgust at the Taiwanese scooter rampage. And the bottom one is the same as the top only at night. More coming to a blog near you!!


Justin said...


Good to see what you guys get to see, it's been a bit hard trying to picture it, but glad to finally find out! Spent the afternoon with Tim and Jonny today discussing how you need to put pictures on here, guess you were ahead of us on that then... also heard about the multitude of scooters, keep counting!

Anonymous said...

So did you delete that apostate post yet stevie boy? if you havent noticed it it's a couple of threads down, and no, it wasn't me... Why does Justin always get the first post?? He must be missing you two so much he checks back here every few minutes! ;) Anyway glad to see some pics. Hope all is goigng well. Karli says hi.- Tim H. (the ORIGINAL Tim!)

Anonymous said...

goigng = going

Justin said...

I'm just on the ball Tim!