Captin Mandarin

Friday, 14 March 2008

Daily life in a week

Hey everyone here is some more pics of what we have to go through here in taipei.
1st thing is to look at the MRT map and work out which stop we have to get off at (here is where we are "at the far end of the green bit..... and our uni is up near the top of the green bit")
Then its onto the tube and get ogled at lol. Us waiguoren!
Then off for about 10 mins walk and into the uni gates.
Then get into class and then after do some studying in the listening room:)
Then off to the Tee House for some good food with my 2 American friends, Brittney and Kenan.
More pics later.


Justin said...

First again! In all your faces!

andre said...

thing is though just you didn't actually make a comment you just puffed your chest out a bit.So here goes these are really nice pics that sum up our daily lives wonderfully , in your face master chef

Justin said...

Fair point, well made.

I particularly like the train map picci. What do your evenings consist of? Hope you're not too homesick, time is really flying here, hope you're getting chance to soak it all in cos you'll be back before you know it.

andre said...

homework mostly although first few weeks have been pretty easy so i've been playing b ball in the local park .We just started learning characters on fri and we had to copy from a book 32 characters and write them over and over , there are rules about how you write and the same elements keep cropping up so its easier than I thought it would be .We've also got cable so we watch that although the ads are horrendous