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Friday, 29 February 2008

My story so far

Hey people as you can guess mine and Andy's adventure will be some what similar however i cant say i was worried about the flight, although BA was a good one and i had lots of leg room YAY.
OK heres the low down.
First couple of days we stayed at a friends house near the mountains, it was cold for this time of the year and we had to sleep on the floor(which was ok until the spiders came and eat andy hahah--- kidding he is still alive).
We moved to be near the uni and near civilization but stayed in a hostel which was a nice place but mozzy hell.
Then found a nice apartment which we stayed for 3 days and now we are in our new apartment in a place called Jinmei (which is like being in bamber bridge south of preston).
Ok so most of you want to know if we are happy of crying to our moms every night in a man hugging cuddle????
Answer!! Andy wont let me :)
We are fine and ready to start uni in 2 days YAY. Also i would like to say that we have been eating KFC most of the time only because we have been brain washed by the 24/7 adverts that come on every 60 seconds telling chinese people to eat KFC.
I went to the kingdom hall in Shida which is a chinese cong and they had 21 new aux pioneers this month, this is the cong i will be in for the next 6 months:)
There are lots of japanese and korean bro and sis and too many Yanks lol.
After the meetings on friday we all goto the night market and have shaved ics and bananas(dont ask). Also in the market we found a tea shop that sells meals at $80 which is £1.25 and you get a cup of tea, soup, choice of meat and rice, cabbage and a pancake, how awesome is that:).
Any way though you may want to read from me as i have not wrote anything in a while.
Hope all doing well and i miss everyone


jonnyboy said...

good update, thanks steve! whose comment did you have to delete?

Anonymous said...

Hi Stevie boy, good to hear from you. Does KFC in China stand for Kentucky Fried Cat? ha ha haaa.............sorry to throw that one in. You seem to be having a good time. Don't worry too much about missing everyone otherwise you won't have time to enjoy your stay and you'll be home before you know it anyway!

Karli said...

Heeeey! Less of the comments about Yanks! ;-P

Nice to hear from you Steve, keep us updated!