Captin Mandarin

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Hao Jiu Bu Jian

Hey everyone this is a quick update i know we have not updated in a while but so much on so many tests and Henduo xin ren. So will really update ASAP And Andy has a new camera so he is taking loads of pics.
So please guys in your updates maybe ask for certain pics and we will supply.


jonnyboy said...

hiya fella's!

just wanted to leave the first comment to cheat jussy out of it! i would like to see some pics of the people you've been able spend some time with, please. pics of your new apartment, too. and steve, maybe some pics of the girls and places you've been taking in the town with,eh? you dawg! eating establishments, mountains, cable cars, buildings, the underground, andy skating, stufff like that and streets and stuff... ooh ooh, cars too!


Liam said...

Well I do apologise I lost the piece of paper with the web details on it sorry guys.
Anyhoo sounds like ya havin to much fun so stop it ya makin me jealous lol
Andy I hope you haven't mowd anyone down with those roller blades of yours and expect ya home soon but not quite sure when, 4 weeks I think.
As for steve... well... Fluent chinese is what i expect :D so much so when you come back you can but it down as your first language and english as your second.

Post too also if ya can send us an e-mail with some pics please, I'll e-mail andy after this so ya know what it is.
Well were off for a walk tomorrow up to the lakes :D should be fun though am waitin on jonny to say wheter or not anyone needs any lifts so .... meh.
Anyhoo TTFN enjoy and stay outa trouble
Cheers Liam
PS POST! lol