Captin Mandarin

Friday, 11 April 2008

Click on the link (Pics people yay)


Jussy said...

Piccis yay indeed!

Thanks Steve, great to see a bit more of what you're seeing. Keep 'em coming!

jonnyboy said...

hey boy-eeee's!

good pics, thanks! it's good to see some of the everyday stuff that you're both doing, basketball, buildings, people... who's britbrit on the pics? is that her name or some form of description?
may the force be with you both! jb

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve! After mum and dad came down this weekend and dad took about 48 hours to finally give me your right website page (lol) I thought I'd have a nose on it. It's fab! And I'm so so so proud of you I can't believe how proud I am...blah blah. Sorry if I'm embarassing you but I AM your big sis and that's my job hee hee. Anyway, love you loads, and I hope you're having a great time. Don't worry bout getting back to me, I know you're busy with exams, etc. Love you loads and loads and so does your Niece! Loadsa love Emma and Eva xxx